Chestnut month in Tuscany – from beginning of October to beginning of November – is a perfect time to visit Tuscany and live another adventure with me. Chestnut is an autumn fruit that is used so much in Italian cuisine as flour to make fresh pasta, bread & dessert or just roasted. It used to be called poor people’s bread being the only flour available in Tuscany mountain areas, and was used also to make bread cookies & sweet products. Peculiar and strong taste and brown colour bring you back to times long past. You find lots of chestnut woods around Cortona, Florence, Siena, Grosseto, Prato & Pistoia, and on specific dates chestnuts are celebrated in small villages where you can taste them roasted or boiled accompanied by local homemade red wine. A beautiful experience to live through several traditional Tuscan products made with fresh & local ingredients, like in appetizers, fresh pasta, filet en croute, desserts – proudly made by old women, or Chefs in cooking classes in private villas, or to be found in restaurants everywhere in Tuscany.
My unique food tours will take you around Tuscany to discover places you have never been with ancient ways of producing amazing dishes with this simple but so good fruit. I want to share with you my love not only for the wines being a Certified Sommelier, but also for the infinite variety of food you may taste in my wine & food tours of Tuscany, Italy.

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