Often when I go for dinner out I don’t miss the chance to have some Chianina beef, it is a must in Cortona, Tuscany. It is the best beef ever you can taste in your life, you can have it like bistecca, tagliata, or the best choice of it is Chianina beef hamburger. I discovered the Chianina beef burger years ago, and when I got it my mouth started to water before I took the first bit. Chianina is a special breed of white bull native of Valdichiana, present in Cortona, Montepulciano, Siena and Arezzo, where its name comes from. It is huge and full of muscles and is raised in the countryside. In the past it was used to plough fields and for this reason was a kind of hard meet. Now they don’t work anymore and for these reason the meet is tender, tasty and so amazing. For sure it needs a great tannic red wine to balance this big meet. All these things you can find only in Tuscany, the famous and beautiful land of wonderful food, of great and famous wines and so many places to visit. Come to Tuscany and I will take you on a tour to show you the marvellous beef farms and taste their excellent meats. Tasting the Chianina beef will make your day in Tuscany memorable, and trust me you will want to come back.

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