When I have to speak about traditional Tuscan food I always get hungry. That happens for example thinking of a huge Chianina T-bone steak – for sure not well done – with a fresh salad or roasted potatoes with some good but tannic red wine. The name Chianina comes from the valley where this beef was raised, Val di Chiana. Centuries ago these animals – muscular gigantic white bulls, sometimes weighing up to 1,700 kg – where used to plough the land. By the way, Chianina is one of the five famous and high quality breeds of beef in Italy. Tell me if you would not love it ! For sure you will be attracted too by a risotto with Saffron produced since the early Middle Ages in San Gimignano with a spectacular taste and gold colour, paired with a great aromatic, fresh, fruity white wine of the area called Vernaccia di San Gimignano, or eaten with fresh handmade pasta, or even best as gelato flavour. Another typical Tuscan dish is an appetizer displayed on a wooden board with fresh pecorino cheese, fresh salami and ham, and the terrific lard of Colonnata on Bruschetta. Never forget that to enjoy all of this you always need to pair it with a good wine that highlights its taste, no matter where you are, in a restaurant for a memorable dinner or in your rental villa or apartment in Tuscany. Bear in mind that to have really good food the quality of the ingredients is the most important thing, trying them directly where they are made you will appreciate them at the most – and I am sure it will touch your heart !!! Book one of my private food tours in Cortona, Montepulciano, Pienza … and you will live a memorable Tuscan experience!

Good food and wine can give you the possibility to share with friends and  relatives beautiful moments, and why not even when you’re in Tuscany with a private dinner at the villa in which you are staying. It can be for a birthday party, for a family reunion, a wedding anniversary, or a friends’ get-together, all great occasions to celebrate around Tuscany, with me to organize things for you, and you just have fun and enjoy the moment.

Perfect size of tables, lots of ways to set up everything, the right wine glasses, tiny details that can make the difference, turning something simple in a really personalized and chic dining area or pergola. I have interesting ideas and useful tips about how to make it work no matter how big or small your celebration is, without a lot of preparation and making good use of the materials present in the villa – to make your wishes come real and let you live great moments in every time of the day, without having to worry and just relaxing. Give your self the possibility to taste Italy with genuine food and excellent wines! Why not with me … contact me to plan your birthday celebration or anniversary in Tuscany!