Wanna have some useful tips about Tuscan wines and hear about the true story of Chianti? The borderline between the two most famous and biggest Chianti regions, those of Siena and Florence, was defined in a funny way: it was decided that a knight should leave each city on the appointed day as soon as the rooster crew, and the place where the knights met along the way should become the new border. Each knight thought to outsmart the other one, the Florentine one by not feeding his black rooster, while the Siena knight fed it too much, thus meaning that the Florentine rooster started to crow at the first light because it was starving, while the Siena rooster slept too much because it had a full stomach! For this reason they met 15 km north of Siena! This is why Chianti Classico is labelled with a black rooster at the top. Just to say that even in this occasion Florence won over Siena, by the way both cities are spectacular masterpieces of Italian beauty. It is amazing how wine can be funny even telling old stories about it. Any time I tell this I can’t help laughing a lot. There are a lot of famous wines in Tuscany so don’t miss the chance! Book one of my guided wine tours in ancient and scenic Chianti wineries and you will find the authentic great Sangiovese-based wine this region is so famous for!

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Once I arrived in Italy – I came to Cortona, Tuscany, in 1997 – I had the chance to work in the best restaurant & catering company of Italy, where I learned all the secrets about high quality service, preparation and banqueting. Being part of professional teams I was in different cities to cater for exclusive events & banquets – all very different kinds of services and styles for top VIP clients.

Destination Events in Tuscany are really important days, no matter how big they are, and with my 15-year experience also in several well known restaurants and caterers of Tuscany they will be easy to plan, because I will assist you to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the day. And here my passion for wines comes handy too, because being a first a wine lover and second a Certified Sommelier I can give you useful ideas to help find together the wines that pair best with your meal, be it for aperitif, seated reception, cake, dessert. My deep knowledge of banqueting can be very useful also to easily identify the right location for the various moments of the day.

I’ll be happy to help you create your menu, find the right setting at the chosen venue with perfect view and light, to get the best of what the location offers. There is a lot of work to prepare events & banquets, but with the right people – professional, with long experience and an open mind – at your side, each step of the planning process will be easy, don’t you think so ? Contact me to plan your special celebration in Cortona, Siena, Montepulciano, Pienza, Chianti and together we will make your dreams come true!

Wine ! so important for me because I love Italian wines and especially those of Tuscany. This is the reason why I want to share with people what I know and what I feel about wines, doing tastings wherever you are, with every kind of wines you would like to try. There is so much to say, it is a beautiful world full of passion, love, taste, and a big wine lover who chose to become a Certified Sommelier can guide you through things you might not be aware of – you will try, drink and have fun with glasses always full of wine. The colour, the smell, the taste of wines can introduce us into the secrets and the beauties of this immense world.

We can taste wines where prices don’t mean lower or higher quality, by small producers with few bottles and big and well known wineries from different wine regions. We may go further discovering only Tuscan wines, those from all over Italy, or just the most famous ones. Being in contact with a lot of people I always have the possibility to find the right wines with good prices.

The tasting can be of 3-5 labels or more, that is the right way to enjoy this world with me.

Remember every moment that is not breakfast is perfect to have wine, and never say I don’t like a wine without tasting it !!!

Join one of my guided wine tours or one of my private wine tastings in Montalcino, Montepulciano, Chianti, San Gimignano – and you’ll truly have a great time!