What else can you dream of, after a long day around Tuscany ? to find a nice and fresh aperitif, by the pool or under the pergola with an amazing view ! There are a lot of ways to organise nice and simple things with some really fresh Prosecco or white and red wine, plus different fresh seasonal food available in Tuscany. The secret is: tasty, easy, appealing, to let you relax and have fun drinking, eating, chatting under a pergola with sweet scented flowers in total tranquillity – nice & quiet evenings in villas or wherever you are staying. Some good mozzarella with fresh tomatoes and basil, freshly-cut Tuscan salami, ham and cheese, delicious home-made olives, enjoying every moment without thinking to buy and prepare things for you, family and friends.

Every single moment has to be magic and full of joy because you’re in Tuscany, the region that offers lots of really genuine products – for me it’s so easy to arrange them in a simple way to make you enjoy it and feel happy … with a lot of wine. Can you think of anything but some nice finger food and tasty wines, an aperitif on an hot summer evening under the Tuscan stars ? I can make this dream come true with just a few things and one hour to prepare it. For me simple things are always the best and this is the Leit Motif of my life. Good things to eat, great wines to drink and it is always the right time for an aperitif. Don’t you think so too ??? Contact me to arrange a private food & wine event in Cortona, Montepulciano, Siena, Pienza … and together we will create a unique celebration.

Is there any one who does not like Italian cuisine ??? I LOVE IT. Every time I taste something new it is another adventure for me through the immense variety of Italian food, and there are lots of ways to cook it depending where you are and what you have. Speaking mostly of Tuscany – where I live – there are at least a few dishes you must know and taste, like Bistecca alla Fiorentina famous Tuscan T-bone steak, Panzanella summer bread salad, Pappa al pomodoro fresh tomato soup, Ribollita winter vegetables soup, Crostini neri toasted bread with chicken liver patè, Lardo di Colonnata the famous pork lard and many many other delicious dishes, obviously mostly of them dressed with Extra virgin olive oil of Tuscany. Once here you can really enjoy and figure out that it is so simple to cook and prepare really tasty dishes without necessarily being a Chef. Never forget to pair all these things with really good wines from the different wine regions of Tuscany. There are different places where you can sit and have nice meals with great views, either in high terraces or in ancient cellars with an amazing and warm atmosphere that only Tuscany can offer, together with its wines and productions. Pages and pages can be filled writing about Tuscan cuisine, but it is always the best way to see and taste directly on site. You are welcome to be part of it with me, and together we can have great moments with a lot of fun in one of my private food tours in Pienza, Cortona, Siena … just to name a few!

Welcome in Italy. I love Italy, where you can find so many great quality wines at really good prices… with 20 regions the variety of Italian wines is so wide that in my opinion you need your entire life to taste them all! With someone who lives here you’ll find it easier to get the right tips and the best directions to go through them, in big and known wineries as well as really small producers with not less quality than the famous ones. Piedmont & Tuscany are the regions with the highest number of Italian DOCG ( Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed) wines; Tuscany features 11 DOCG, among which are the world famous Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti and Chianti Classico, Nobile di Montepulciano and Vernaccia di San Gimignano. To be honest I can write and say a lot about this, but for sure it is not the same if you touch and see with me the immense beauty of Tuscany. Try its tastiest food & wine, and live memorable moments full of fun, with amazing views of green hills covered with vineyards, olive groves, cypress trees and gold sunflower fields below.
Contact me to design your private Brunello wine tour in Montalcino, your private Nobile wine tour in Montepulciano, your private Vernaccia wine tour in San Gimignano, your private Chianti wine tour in Radda, Gaiole, Castellina – and I will put together a memorable tour just for you!