Cortona, Tuscany, is the land of sun. Situated on a beautiful hill 500 meter high it is an Etruscan city with a great history, amazing views of Val di Chiana and high quality wines to discover. It is easy to arrive in Cortona because it has a great strategic position near the Milan-Rome highway, near the freeway to Perugia, Assisi and Siena, only a half hour away from Montepulciano and Pienza and one hour from Florence. Through one of my private wine & food tours you can taste the variety of Syrah, famous DOC of Cortona and other red IGT wines of the area including fresh white wines too, a genuine taste of the Famous Chianina beef and family-run oil mills for olive oil tastings.
You will enjoy wine tastings, olive oil tastings, cooking classes, lunches & dinners in small and famous restaurants eating typical dishes among which those made with fresh porcini mushrooms and chestnuts of the territory. All this, together with the charming beauty of this hill town, will make you live a memorable adventure in Tuscany, Italy. With my private tours you get the chance to visit and touch the reality of small wineries of the area, big & small farms of the most famous breed of Tuscan beef called Chianina, and live the experience of visiting, tasting, enjoying and touching the authenticity of the life here with the people who love to make and show you their genuine productions. I will  arrange the best tours in the city known to many for being the set of US movie Under The Tuscan Sun, merging in a warm and unique atmosphere of times long past, and living an unforgettable vacation in this ancient and beautiful small town, so big in history. Walking through the small windy roads filled with shops, coffee bars & restaurants, step by step you will take in the charming history of this city where time seems to stop, and you won’t want to leave.
Come visit, don’t miss the chance of a trip to Cortona in Tuscany, and go with me on my private wine & food tours, it is a must while you are in Italy.

The wines & foods of Tuscany are important not just for private tours in wineries and farms but also for weddings, banquets, anniversaries and all sorts of family and corporate events celebrated in and around Florence, Siena, Montalcino, Chianti, Montepulciano, Cortona, San Gimignano and elsewhe in Tuscany. At times I am involved in menu tasting for wedding dinners of international couples, to find the best wine and food pairing together with them. It is a great chance for me to share my knowledge about wine & food combinations and suggest for every dish the perfect wine pairing. It often seems not important, but for those who really want to enjoy their special day in Tuscany with great food and delicious wines IT IS A MUST. Starting from the aperitif with nice and infinite bubbles of a fresh and nice Prosecco and white wines of Tuscany enjoyed with Parmesan, fried battered vegetables, caprese salad with succulent mozzarella and fresh tomato, bruschetta with different Tuscan sauces, pecorino cheese, prosciutto, salami and a lot of cold and hot appetizers. A pleasure too is to identify the perfect pairing of fresh pasta with vegetables: what about a great mineral white wine? Or fresh pasta with meat sauce paired with … a great Chianti! All these are useful tips I am glad to share with couples and other private clients. Do not forget to find the right wine pairing to main course and dessert, mostly with divine red wines of Tuscany and enjoyable bubbly wines – do you agree? I am happy to offer my experience in this wine & food pairing adventure with clients that have never been in Italy before, and with those who have been and want to know and learn more about Italian and especially Tuscan cuisine and its wide and amazing variety of wines. A few days ago I had the immense pleasure to taste the complete wedding menu of a UK couple, and to decide together the dishes and wines for their BIG day in Tuscany. At the end of the day the choice of wines came from the bride ! I am happy I was part of this special tasting day and helped come to great decisions. It is my job, my passion, my pleasure, my goal to participate in these important and memorable moments of your lives.

The religion of pasta in Italy is to eat it every day, dressed with different sauces made with season’s vegetables, meats, cheeses, fish, legumes – or even what’s left in your fridge or kitchen can be perfect to make a good plate of pasta. I love it, it’s one of a lot of things I love of Italy and especially of Tuscany where I am based.
Italy is famous all over the world for its hundreds varieties of pasta, divided in two main categories,  fresh hand-made pasta or machine-made pasta called pasta di grano duro, both of them so easy to prepare and so amazing to eat: long, short, thick, thin, eaten with an infinite number of ragù. Every region of Italy has its own local pastas and sauces, I really die for it ! Speaking of Tuscany, here you can taste delicious pastas in local restaurants, or in special occasions like private events & banquets or cooking classes. To cook a great pasta you do not necessarily have to make it complicated and full of stuff like at times Chefs do, the pasta I LOVE is just few high quality and genuine ingredients paired in the right way. Just think that you can make your own fresh pasta with wheat, water, eggs and salt, a rolling pin and will to play with the ingredients … Who has never have some spaghetti with tomato sauce, olive oil and fresh basil, penne or fusilli all’arrabbiata, alla bolognese, alla puttanesca, alla carbonara, all’amatriciana, al pesto, or lasagna with meat sauce, ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach with butter and sage, pici with wild boar sauce, pappardelle with fresh porcini mushrooms, tagliatelle with fresh truffle? When you travel around Tuscany, if you plan to visit Siena, Florence, Montepulciano, Chianti, Cortona, San Gimignano or Umbria seriously consider taking part to one of the special food tours and cooking classes I can book for you in places I personally know and trust, in which you will taste and enjoy the authentic flavour of Italian Pasta. Come and visit Tuscany and I’ll guide you through all the incredible flavours of this land full of sun, history, art, wine, food and beautiful places to visit. Come and live a unique food adventure with me!