Welcome in Italy. I love Italy, where you can find so many great quality wines at really good prices… with 20 regions the variety of Italian wines is so wide that in my opinion you need your entire life to taste them all! With someone who lives here you’ll find it easier to get the right tips and the best directions to go through them, in big and known wineries as well as really small producers with not less quality than the famous ones. Piedmont & Tuscany are the regions with the highest number of Italian DOCG ( Denomination of Origin Controlled and Guaranteed) wines; Tuscany features 11 DOCG, among which are the world famous Brunello di Montalcino, Chianti and Chianti Classico, Nobile di Montepulciano and Vernaccia di San Gimignano. To be honest I can write and say a lot about this, but for sure it is not the same if you touch and see with me the immense beauty of Tuscany. Try its tastiest food & wine, and live memorable moments full of fun, with amazing views of green hills covered with vineyards, olive groves, cypress trees and gold sunflower fields below.
Contact me to design your private Brunello wine tour in Montalcino, your private Nobile wine tour in Montepulciano, your private Vernaccia wine tour in San Gimignano, your private Chianti wine tour in Radda, Gaiole, Castellina – and I will put together a memorable tour just for you!

  1. Glenn Silbert, MD says:

    Fabulous website Klajdi. Your passion for Tuscan food and wine was always evident every time we met in Tuscany. This new endeavor is certain to bring great pleasure to those who ask for your guidance to taste and experience the great food and wine that Tuscany offers.

    • Klajdi Belaj says:

      Thanks Glenn for your encouragement, I am happy that my passion is felt and look forward to seeing you and Leila in Tuscany soon.

  2. Chris Esposito says:

    Klajdi, the wine tour you prepared for my wife, our aunt and uncle and I was truly world class and one of the favorite days of my life. The Nobile tour in Montepulciano was incredible and having your expertise and knowledge made the experience that much better. I can’t wait for our next visit to Italy so we can have another wine experience with my new friend Klajdi. Many thanks from Southern California for a day I’ll never forget.

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