Montepulciano, set 605 metres high on top of a hill, is a known town between Val D’orcia and Val di Chiana in Tuscany, Italy, close to the border with Umbria. Here was born one the most famous wines of Tuscany known in the entire world, called Vino NOBILE di MONTEPULCIANO, made with a clone of Sangiovese called Prugnolo Gentile, which is blended with a small amount of Canaiolo and Mammolo grapes – although now some wineries have started to make it with 100% Prugnolo Gentile grapes. The combination of the soil made of sand and clay creates the ideal conditions to produce a well structured and fragrant wine, but with fine tannins. This wine got the DOCG assignment in 1980; in the area you can find also a simple and fresh but very good ROSSO di MONTEPULCIANO and the UNIQUE VINSANTO di MONTEPULCIANO. I did not miss the chance to go there for the NOBILE preview of the 14th February 2015, as it is one of my favourite wines, because it pairs perfectly with every dish you like. I tasted a lot of Nobile di Montepulciano and Nobile Riserva, I found some wines I hadn’t tasted before and discovered small wineries that produce Nobile wines with spectacular colour, smell and taste that I would love to share with you. When you decide to come to Tuscany this can be one the most important areas to tour with me, visiting great wineries and small food producers, and have memorable wine, cheese, olive oil and meat tastings – contact me to plan your private guided Nobile wine tours in Montepulciano, Tuscany!

  1. Klajdi has been a tour operator personally for myself, and has also guided small groups. Each and every time, he chooses great locations and curates experiences with wine, food and scenery that are unforgettable. With great attention to detail, he finds a way to magnify the wine and your tasting profile, all with humor and immense knowledge. It is so refreshing to find someone who truly cares about the clients and their Italy experience. I look forward to our next trip to discover new vintages and wineries!

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