Never cannot miss Vinitaly in Verona because I love wine, there are so many wineries still I have to know better. Italy, is a beautiful place to live, to visit, to taste, to enjoy. This is the reason why I go to Verona every year and I LOVE IT, so many wines waiting for me and so many new ones to try. Obviously there are all the Italian Regions in Vinitaly, but to taste them all you have to stay at least 3-4 days, and have an “extra strong” liver. I visited the Montalcino stands with all the Brunellos again, Montepulciano stands with great Nobile again, Chianti stands with its seven wine producing areas, San Gimignano stands with the gold Vernaccia, Cortona stands with its great Syrah, and the Bolgheri stands with its Super Tuscans. What an amazing experience. I was happy but not drunk, even after tasting wines of something like 74 wineries in Tuscany, Piedmont, Veneto, Lombardia, Umbria, Friuli, Marche. Colours, smells, tastes are normally different but I found a lot of small producers with high quality wines. Not always the famous wineries make great wines. I found myself tasting pure old stylish Tuscan wines, that make me feel good because it means not a lot of wineries are changing direction on new technologies and ways of making wine, new blends etc. This International Wine Trade that happens once a year in Verona offers nothing but pleasure. Then come to the wonderful country of Italy to taste and live the wine, the food, the landscape of its beautiful regions. I am here living and sharing these genuine excellences of Tuscany with those who love to experience them with me.

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