… in Montalcino! Is there anyone who does not know Brunello wine ??? Brunello is the name that was given to the Sangiovese grape native of Montalcino. Brunello is one of the most famous red wines in Italy and all around the world, it is also one of the wines with longest life among the red wines of Italy. Sangiovese Grosso or Big Sangiovese is the clone that is grown in the beautiful rolling hills around Montalcino, and once you taste it, YOU WILL LOVE IT. Brilliant wine with vibrant garnet colour, intense, full bodied and complex, with a long period of aging – it is hard to say for how long the wine can age in the bottle, it can last up to 10-30 years. Obviously it depends on the vintage, and on the temperature you have in your cellar. Brunello di Montalcino is paired with really structured dishes, like read meats, aged cheeses, or can be enjoyed like a meditation wine, I can say with a 60-month aged Parmesan cheese, and my personal tip is to taste Brunello Riserva with pure & dark chocolate. Decanting is needed for this wine and large glasses too, so the wine can breath even in the glass, not only in decanter, that is used at first for the sediments. Visiting Montalcino for a wine tour with me you will enjoy the beauty of this place with its history, wine and food; it is a wonderful adventure to go through the stories of the land, of the wineries, of the food, with a glass of great Brunello in your hands – this is a dream you must live.
By the way, a few weeks ago I was at the Brunello 2015 preview and tasted something like 73 labels, can you believe it ? I was in a good mood, oh boy you must have this terrific experience in Montalcino with me. Do I have to say more to make you come? You are welcome in this amazing part of the world, Montalcino in Tuscany, Italy; I’ll be happy to show its beauty to you in one of my private guided Brunello wine tours!

  1. Ross Kaufman says:

    Hearing all the talk from my parents and their friends about this amazing wine specialist they met in Italy several years ago, I had to know who he was and where I could find him when I went on my Italy trip a few months ago. Of course they had to say his name out loud and spell it at the same time… Klajdi (klai-dee).

    We exchanged emails back and forth from California (where I am) to where he was in Italy for several weeks. His response time was amazing, wrote English better than most people in the US, and was very flexible to our needs and goals. He told us everything up front regarding pricing for what we wanted to do, suggestions where to stay, and ideas on where to go and what to eat.

    From his guidance, we took the train from Florence in the AM to Cortona where he met us at the station, then took us to two vineyards in Montalcino. We definitely would have Never found these places on our own, let alone would be able to drive back from all the food and wine we had there! The Brunellos we had at the vineyards were top notch not to mention the cheese and lunch, unforgettable.

    Klajdi was an amazing tour guide, sommelier, and an all-around great guy that we became good friends with.

    I have already recommended Klajdi to my other friends who are going to Italy this month, they’ll be doing an olive oil tasting and wine tasting with him.

    • Klajdi Belaj says:

      Thanks Ross for your kind words and happy your parents still remember about me. It was my pleasure guiding you through one of the best wine regions of Tuscany, Italy and share with you my passion and love of wines and food. Also thanks for referring my services to your friends, I can’t wait to meet them and look forward to seeing you here again!!!

  2. Andrew Curto says:

    We spent a wonderful day, the past two summers, with Klajdi all around Tuscany. My girlfriend and I have been to the area many times and two of the best days were spent tasting and visiting with Klajdi. When you think about how well understood Tuscany is it’s hard to imagine that you can still find great hidden gems, but that’s the main reason to visit Tuscany with Klajdi. He always finds great new spots!

    We definitely plan on going back next year and can’t wait to see where we go next!

    Thanks as always and happy tasting


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