Visiting San Gimignano in the Tuscan countryside you can taste the gold-coloured & famous white wine called Vernaccia. Well known for its historical city center, medieval towers, Vernaccia & saffron, it is a must-see while you are in Italy. Being a certified Sommelier and loving Tuscany I can stay hours talking about and enjoying the wines and the genuine productions of this small but amazing hill town. This wonderful wine started to be made from the indigenous grape called Vernaccia (from Latin vernaculum) already in the 1200, and became famous all over Italy and lately all around the world. Gold colour, fruity, dry, mineral and sapid, Vernaccia easily pairs with fish, soups, pasta, white meats, eggs, vegetables of every season and it is great also with fresh and semi-aged pecorino cheese. Several farms and wineries situated on the famous rolling hills of Tuscany with their small and cosy restaurants offer the chance to taste their superb wines and home-made local products, sharing their way of thinking and of making wine. The surrounding landscape of rolling green hills with lush vineyards produces the amazing Vernaccia di San Gimignano, the first wine in Italy which was recognised as DOC in 1966 and in 1990 DOCG, the highest level of certification of wines in Italy.
Contact me to plan your private wine tastings with me in San Gimignano, the medieval Manhattan of Tuscany, and you will live unforgettable days under the warm Tuscan sun and bring back everlasting memories of the beauty of this wonderful part of Italy.

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