Plan to celebrate your birthday, family or friends’ reunion, anniversary in Tuscany, Italy? I may help you arrange a special, intimate, romantic, unforgettable party in the villa you are staying at or in a wine estate in front of a breathtaking view of Tuscany lush vineyards and hills. Private Chef, personalised lunch & dinner, private wine tastings & aperitifs, lots of great wines, flowers and other decorations, music and party, special atmosphere – this and much more I can do, fully tailored around your wishes, be it for the dear and near or for big numbers.

Your celebration is only one email away! Contact me at and I will be happy to make your Tuscan dream come true!

Tuscany, Italy is the land of sun, of great wines and good & genuine food, perfect for private aperitifs, light lunch & dinner in rental villas & farm houses nestled in our beautiful countryside. I can plan & organise for you not only wine tastings & cooking classes around the region, but also aperitifs by the pool or light lunches & dinners in your private villas. Summer in Tuscany offers genuine vegetables & fruits and an immense variety of food you can use for a simple but tasty meal no matter where you are. Fresh tomato & mozzarella for a easy plate of caprese, panzanella, a famous Tuscan bread salad with raw vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, onions, basil…, or just a simple & refreshing ham & melon, pecorino cheese with honey & jams. All paired with fresh prosecco, white wines & young reds to make you try the best of Italian cuisine in only a few minutes of work. Cocktails by the pool with a breathtaking view of the Tuscan hills at sunset and a glass of bubbles in your hands, plus a small buffet with fresh cheese, ham, olives & grilled vegetables, are to me the best way to enjoy your vacation in Tuscany after being around the region for wine, cheese, olive oil tastings & cooking classes, or even walking tours in famous art cities. Dinners in private villas can be a chance to enjoy & have fun drinking & tasting local produce with a complete meal cooked by a professional chef or a traditional farmer’s menu prepared by a local cook, of course paired with great local Tuscan wines from Cortona, Montepulciano, Montalcino, Siena, Chianti & San Gimignano! Tasting genuine wine & food in front of amazing views, not only in wineries, farms, restaurants, castles but also in your private villa is a must do if you wish to live an unforgettable experience in Tuscany.

What else can you dream of, after a long day around Tuscany ? to find a nice and fresh aperitif, by the pool or under the pergola with an amazing view ! There are a lot of ways to organise nice and simple things with some really fresh Prosecco or white and red wine, plus different fresh seasonal food available in Tuscany. The secret is: tasty, easy, appealing, to let you relax and have fun drinking, eating, chatting under a pergola with sweet scented flowers in total tranquillity – nice & quiet evenings in villas or wherever you are staying. Some good mozzarella with fresh tomatoes and basil, freshly-cut Tuscan salami, ham and cheese, delicious home-made olives, enjoying every moment without thinking to buy and prepare things for you, family and friends.

Every single moment has to be magic and full of joy because you’re in Tuscany, the region that offers lots of really genuine products – for me it’s so easy to arrange them in a simple way to make you enjoy it and feel happy … with a lot of wine. Can you think of anything but some nice finger food and tasty wines, an aperitif on an hot summer evening under the Tuscan stars ? I can make this dream come true with just a few things and one hour to prepare it. For me simple things are always the best and this is the Leit Motif of my life. Good things to eat, great wines to drink and it is always the right time for an aperitif. Don’t you think so too ??? Contact me to arrange a private food & wine event in Cortona, Montepulciano, Siena, Pienza … and together we will create a unique celebration.