The religion of pasta in Italy is to eat it every day, dressed with different sauces made with season’s vegetables, meats, cheeses, fish, legumes – or even what’s left in your fridge or kitchen can be perfect to make a good plate of pasta. I love it, it’s one of a lot of things I love of Italy and especially of Tuscany where I am based.
Italy is famous all over the world for its hundreds varieties of pasta, divided in two main categories,  fresh hand-made pasta or machine-made pasta called pasta di grano duro, both of them so easy to prepare and so amazing to eat: long, short, thick, thin, eaten with an infinite number of ragù. Every region of Italy has its own local pastas and sauces, I really die for it ! Speaking of Tuscany, here you can taste delicious pastas in local restaurants, or in special occasions like private events & banquets or cooking classes. To cook a great pasta you do not necessarily have to make it complicated and full of stuff like at times Chefs do, the pasta I LOVE is just few high quality and genuine ingredients paired in the right way. Just think that you can make your own fresh pasta with wheat, water, eggs and salt, a rolling pin and will to play with the ingredients … Who has never have some spaghetti with tomato sauce, olive oil and fresh basil, penne or fusilli all’arrabbiata, alla bolognese, alla puttanesca, alla carbonara, all’amatriciana, al pesto, or lasagna with meat sauce, ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach with butter and sage, pici with wild boar sauce, pappardelle with fresh porcini mushrooms, tagliatelle with fresh truffle? When you travel around Tuscany, if you plan to visit Siena, Florence, Montepulciano, Chianti, Cortona, San Gimignano or Umbria seriously consider taking part to one of the special food tours and cooking classes I can book for you in places I personally know and trust, in which you will taste and enjoy the authentic flavour of Italian Pasta. Come and visit Tuscany and I’ll guide you through all the incredible flavours of this land full of sun, history, art, wine, food and beautiful places to visit. Come and live a unique food adventure with me!

Once I arrived in Italy – I came to Cortona, Tuscany, in 1997 – I had the chance to work in the best restaurant & catering company of Italy, where I learned all the secrets about high quality service, preparation and banqueting. Being part of professional teams I was in different cities to cater for exclusive events & banquets – all very different kinds of services and styles for top VIP clients.

Destination Events in Tuscany are really important days, no matter how big they are, and with my 15-year experience also in several well known restaurants and caterers of Tuscany they will be easy to plan, because I will assist you to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the day. And here my passion for wines comes handy too, because being a first a wine lover and second a Certified Sommelier I can give you useful ideas to help find together the wines that pair best with your meal, be it for aperitif, seated reception, cake, dessert. My deep knowledge of banqueting can be very useful also to easily identify the right location for the various moments of the day.

I’ll be happy to help you create your menu, find the right setting at the chosen venue with perfect view and light, to get the best of what the location offers. There is a lot of work to prepare events & banquets, but with the right people – professional, with long experience and an open mind – at your side, each step of the planning process will be easy, don’t you think so ? Contact me to plan your special celebration in Cortona, Siena, Montepulciano, Pienza, Chianti and together we will make your dreams come true!