Tuscany & Umbria are always the most beautiful places to visit in Italy, as they are simply amazing in spring, summer, fall and winter offering so much to see and to taste.

With my private wine & food adventures you will discover the real flavours and live authentic experiences through my custom-made wine & food tours, arranging private tastings in villa, wine-paired dinner with Sommelier in villapersonal wine tours, cooking classes, anniversary & birthday dinners in your private villa.

For the foodies unique olive oil, cheese and beef tours will get you into the real process of how Tuscany extra-virgin olive oil, pecorino cheese and Chianina beef steak are made.

Don’t miss the chance to live one of my adventures in front of these breathtaking hills full of silvery olive groves, green vineyards and yellow sunflower fields.

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Extra-virgin olive oil of 2015 is now ready in Cortona, Tuscany and all over Italy. I am happy because this year’s production is great for everyone and also for me, because after a bad year lots of great olive oil is available again. For me it is a marvellous experience to harvest my olive trees, and to assist to all the processing of olives in a Cortona oil mill, and the emotion of the first drops of my extra-virgin olive oil coming down – the green gold of Tuscany. I could not wait to be home with my freshly-pressed olive oil to taste it on bruschetta with garlic, oh my…. I would love to share this experience with those who book my private olive oil tours in Cortona, Tuscany, a real tasting adventure following the various steps from fruit to olive oil. Oil mills are in function only in late fall, but it is possible to arrange visits and tastings any time of the year. Tuscany is famous for its pure and high quality olive oil, used almost in every dish of the old and new Italian cuisine: green, thick, peppery with a smooth and deep nose, is what you should not miss when visiting oil mills, joining cooking classes or dining at restaurants, be it on a simple bruschetta, pasta, meet or fresh salad. Take the chance to enjoy my guided olive oil tours & tastings in Cortona and elsewhere in Tuscany, to learn not only about the actual process but also the history of family-run oil mills. With its magic scenery of green hills covered by silvery olive groves, the green taste of organic and genuine olive oil, Tuscany will take you so much that you will surely love it.