I have so many things to say about grape harvest time in Tuscany. Now it is the turn of Sangiovese (Blood of Jupiter), the king of the grapes in Tuscany & all around Italy. The plants full of grapes with the ripe dark colour invite you to enjoy their beauty, their gorgeous full & intense colour in the amazing & breathtaking views of Montalcino, Montepulciano, Chianti. Guiding clients around Tuscan wineries I enjoyed & shared with them not only my passion & knowledge about wines, being I a Certified Sommelier in this beautiful region of Italy. We talked with workers about the land, the weather, the temperatures, the position of vineyards, the way of maceration & vinification, the aging & bottling, the entire process till it was time to enjoy their wines in several wine tastings. We were happy to see workers in the vineyards and in the  wine cellars working with a lot of attention, aware that their job is a big part of the whole important process of harvesting, selecting carefully by hand every single grape. Love the Wine, the food, the people, Tuscany, Italy and love to live & share with you great & memorable experiences around Tuscany in my private guided wine & food tours.

Wine ! so important for me because I love Italian wines and especially those of Tuscany. This is the reason why I want to share with people what I know and what I feel about wines, doing tastings wherever you are, with every kind of wines you would like to try. There is so much to say, it is a beautiful world full of passion, love, taste, and a big wine lover who chose to become a Certified Sommelier can guide you through things you might not be aware of – you will try, drink and have fun with glasses always full of wine. The colour, the smell, the taste of wines can introduce us into the secrets and the beauties of this immense world.

We can taste wines where prices don’t mean lower or higher quality, by small producers with few bottles and big and well known wineries from different wine regions. We may go further discovering only Tuscan wines, those from all over Italy, or just the most famous ones. Being in contact with a lot of people I always have the possibility to find the right wines with good prices.

The tasting can be of 3-5 labels or more, that is the right way to enjoy this world with me.

Remember every moment that is not breakfast is perfect to have wine, and never say I don’t like a wine without tasting it !!!

Join one of my guided wine tours or one of my private wine tastings in Montalcino, Montepulciano, Chianti, San Gimignano – and you’ll truly have a great time!